Heartland’s mission is to provide a no-kill shelter for the care, humane treatment, and adoption of lost, stray, and abandoned animals and to find permanent, loving homes for homeless animals and promote responsible pet ownership through education, community outreach, and collaboration while maintaining respect and compassion for all creatures.


Dog – Mixed Breed (Small)
Sex : Female
Age : 1Y / 4W
Weight : 15.20 lbs
Location: Foster Home

1 year old, 15 lb Sprout (who goes by the name Gracie in her foster home!) came to us from Kentucky with her brother Hubert aka Frankie. These two were among the most terrified dogs you have ever seen in a shelter. They huddled in the back corner together shaking. Frankie and Gracie’s foster mom and dad had come to the shelter that weekend in the beginning of March to meet another dog and stopped in their tracks when they saw these two. They decided that they would adopt a dog down the road, but their job right now was to foster these two until they knew they were safe, and then help them find their forever home.
Both Frankie and Gracie have blossomed SO much in their foster homes and are ready for their forever home, together. We are insisting that they remain together as a bonded pair. Frankie is especially dependent on his sister, as he is the shyer of the two! Gracie may bark at first at a new person but she is really very gentle.
Here is what their foster family writes about them:
They have suffered abuse
It was clear to us, based on their behavior, that both dogs had been abused as puppies…
o When we first saw them at Heartland, both were shaking; Frankie would look nowhere other than the corner of a wall and Gracie would just sit, allowing Frankie to cower into her body.
o Both puppies are scared of any strangers and will initially growl and bark – they are clearly afraid and that is how it manifests with them.
o However, we did let them approach our neighbors in a quiet, easy going setting. They seemed to handle this better than when we have been on walks and strangers or other dogs approach – if given a chance, they will warm to others, once they feel that there is no danger in doing so

They are weary of other dogs and new people
o Frankie has a scar on his snout that might have come from a fight with another dog when he was very little – either forced or via neglect.
o Gracie seems to be emotionally stronger of the two, but she still has initial issues with any new dog or new person for that matter

Settling in
Over the course of the last four weeks with us, both dogs have gone 180 degrees from where they were.
We now have two happy puppies and it’s awesome to experience this every day – they seem to have boundless energy, as most puppies do!
They love to wrestle with each other – they seem to play rough, but when you really pay attention, you realize that they NEVER really hurt one another – they are a Team and it is very cute to see
They have certain toys that they like – we will provide to you; they play tug-o-war – Gracie can and does pull Frankie across the floor; funny to see that!
Sometimes they will both sit on one of our laps, cuddle in and go to sleep – Soooo cute to see and experience, considering where they both were 3 weeks prior
For the right folks, Gracie & Frankie will be amazing members of your family, giving you many years of love and cuddles