HUAWELL Tree Climber Set,Climbing Spikes Includes Cushioned Pads, Leg Irons, Stirrups


PORTABLE AND DURABLE: The weight of a pair is only around 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)
BEST DESIGN: the wider design under the soles of the foot, unlike most of the other products on the market, so that the feet will not painful for a long time.The tip of the thorn is very hard and it is easy to insert a variety of trees and can withstand a weight of 120 kg (270 lb). The foot straps can be resized at any time.
SIZE: L 17/ W 3.94 Inch
USE LOCATION: Suitable for trees of all sizes, some very hard trees you may can’t climbing . Before you climbing, we recommended that you practice in the low section first.
FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you have to climb a tall tree and need to stay for a longer time, we recommend that you use it with safely belt.


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