Like New Medium Walkin’ Dog Scooter


Used only about 3 times. Sells new online for $199. Our price $120. The Walkin’ Scooter for pets is designed to keep your paralyzed pet comfortable and always on the go! The Scooter is the ideal indoor mobility device that allows handicapped pets to move freely around the house and easily maneuver around indoor obstacles. Perfect for navigating through narrow doorways and around furniture, the rollerballs allow your paralyzed dog to glide across the floors while keeping its chest and legs protected from dragging. (Patent Pending) Perfect for when your pet is not using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Allows rear paralyzed pets to zip and scoot around the house. Easy to maneuver: Rollerball casters allow for easy movement in any direction! Glides across hardwood floors, tile, linoleum & Berber carpeting If your pet is incontinent, the Walkin’ Scooter can be worn with a diaper.


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