New Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair with Metal Backrest High Back Mesh Chair



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Comfort Features & Outstanding Ergonomic Properties: Premium all-nylon mesh, 3D PU Armrest, thick seat cushion with a high-density native sponge, the superb and padded lumbar support. It is designed and shaped to best fit human needs. Equipped with an excellent adjustable system which includes an adjustable headrest, backrest, armrest, seat height adjustment, swivel, and tilt mechanism. Its aim is to increase performance at work and create a better living environment at home.
Strong Metal Backrest & Construction: Excellent build quality with a good balance of metal construction, which is ideal for adults up to 300 lb. High load-bearing R350 aluminum alloy base with electroplating technology, safety class 3 gas spring, nylon wheels is silent gliding, and heavy-duty. Spine bionic backrest to help release pressure from the spine. Strong Metal back supports with high-end aluminum alloy material, good elastic nylon mesh let you enjoy great comfort like a trampoline.
Customizable Headrest & 3 Levels Tilt-Lock Mechanism: The padded headrest can help better support your upper back, neck, and head. A backrest that tilts back up to 130 degrees and can be locked at 3 different angles, perfect for working, reading, or relaxing. Its focus on human posture and back pain relief. It is also a comfortable partner that inspires your work and life.


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