S’bagno 24 x 32 Inch Backlit LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror and Additional Features – Bluetooth Speaker/Demister Heat Pad/Dimming Function/Sensor


IN BOX! Sells new online for $179. Our price $150. Bright and Soft Lighting: High waterproof light strip, high color rendering, no flicker, true presentation of facial makeup. Side panel ambient light design, soft light, creating a quiet space, low light decay, energy saving and durable life.

Copper-free Environmental Protection High-definition Silver Mirror: Compliance with EU standards. Coated with silver nitrate, which is not easy to oxidize and rust. Copper-free environmental protection mirrors that are not prone to blackening are more durable and healthy.

360° Bluetooth Surround: Unimaginable 360° sound experience. 360° omnidirectional sound technology can ensure its sound spreads evenly. The hidden Bluetooth on the back of the mirror makes the mirror more concise.

Temperature-controlled Defogging: Temperature-controlled defogging technology, one smart touch sensor with the heart of a craftsman, can defog quickly, so that the mirror surface will no longer be fogged. Reject water stains on the mirror surface, leaving the mirror refreshed and clear.

IP44 Protection Level, US Export Standard: All smart electrical modules and components are sealed in an insulated electrical box. Waterproof and anti-leakage make smarter safer.


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