Toddler Slide Playset Freestanding Kids Slide with Basketball Hoop Indoors/Outdoors, Pink


Imagine the feeling of playing on the cloud, maybe nothing else could bring your baby such fantastic playing except slide and swing. This children’s slide is particularly designed in dolphin appearance, lovely and distinctive. Consisted of a stair, a slope, a basketball rim and a inflated ball, the slide allows your baby to do a series of coherent exercise such as running, jumping, ball-shooting, climbing and sliding, far more interesting than single type of sports. Crafted from premium HDPE and ABS material, it is no harm to baby’s health. No matter indoors or outdoors, this children’s slide could be an excellent toy for babies who dare to take challenges.
Lovely design: dolphin appearance and vivid color assortment
Endless fun: inflated ball shooting, jumping, climbing and sliding
Healthy and durable: made of quality HDPE and ABS, sturdy and resilient
Properly sized: particularly built to fit baby’s shape well
Good safety: handrail, raised edge, smooth yet skid-proof surface, no abrasion to baby’s skin
Easy assembly and convenient use: no tools needed and handy cleaning
Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene) ABS plastic
Color: pink
Stair step dimensions: 13.78 in. L x 4.21 in. W
Slope dimensions: 38.19 in. L x 10.63 in. W
Overall dimensions: 44.49 in. L x 14.17 in. W x 19.69 in. H
Raised edge height: 5.12 in.
Load capacity: 132 lbs.
Package includes: 1 x dolphin slide, 1 x user manual

TH17E0753 ( Ya F)

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