WINTOOLS Compatible for Camshaft Locking Bar Tool Adjustable for 12 & 30 for VW, Audi A4 A6


Wide application range because of adjustable camshaft locking tool, to be used as OEM 3391 or OEM 3243
Crankshaft locking bolt to be used as OEM 3242 is needed for changing of the tooth belt on Audi and VW with following engines: AUDI A4 2.4 2.8 1997-2002, A6 2.4 1997-2002, A6 2.8 1997-2002, A8 2.8 1997-2002, S4 2.7 Turbo 1997-2001resp.
Volkswagen with ACK, ALG, APR, AQD engines such as Passat 2.4 1996-2002, Passat 2.8 30v 1996-2001
2 Valve V6 engines on Audi 80, 90, A4, A6 1994-97 ABC, AFC
Avoids distortion of the camshaft during tooth belt assembly. Allows easy and precise assembly of the tooth belt

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