Youth Kids Portable Basketball Hoop Stands Height-Adjustable


Are you still looking for a sports equipment placed in home or yard. Are you still worried that basketball hoop is hard to fix on the playground? This removable simple basketball hoop is the best solution. Set up a basketball hoop and shoot the basketball with your families and friends. Adjustable height allows it suitable for both kids and adults. If you want send it to your kids, free adjustment design makes it grow with your sweetie. The base can be filled with water or sands, stabilizing the whole structure. Two wheels built in the base is easy to transportation. You can move it into desired location as you need. Premium material of steel pipe, high-density polyethylene base makes it long-lasting. The durable, weather-resistant design will last until your child is ready for the big leagues!


Easy to transport with 2 wheels

Height adjustable from 5.2 ft to 7.2 ft, suitable for both kids and adults

Stand base filling water or sand to stabilize it

Eco-friendly and premium material

Easy assemble and disassemble


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