Alpha Love World is a collective of artists and entertainers fueled by our love for our communities. Through LiteBox Furniture, we sell quality furniture at low prices to help everyday people furnish their homes. With the revenue we earn from our sales, we fund art and activist projects to positively impact our neighborhoods and communities.

Where It All Started

Alpha Love World was founded over 20 years ago when artists, activists, and entertainers from New York and Los Angeles came together with a vision. Driven by their passion to pursue their art forms and make a change in their communities, Alpha Love World was born.

Our entire brand was founded to help others. That is who we are, what we represent, and what we strive to live for every day. Proceeds from each one of our sales go right back into our neighborhoods and international relief funds. We believe in the importance of a thriving community, and that’s why we support our community in every way we can.

Our Mission

Our calling and passion is community service. At Alpha Love World, our mission is to rescue animals, contribute to the art community, and fight for social justice. With the help of our customers, donors, and friends, we’ve rescued dozens of animals, funded art projects across the city, hosted community events, and helped in the fight against the homelessness epidemic.

From the very beginning, we have been much more than just a furniture store. LiteBox Furniture is the means to the vision we see through Alpha Love World. With our revenue, we’ll continue making a difference in our communities, helping our neighbors in need, and rescuing more fur babies!

Our Goal

Our goal is to continue community service throughout LA. We provide the homeless with clean clothes and hygiene products that every single human being should have access to.

At Alpha Love World, there is no community we don’t love and no person we will refuse to help. Whether it’s fighting homelessness, rescuing animals, supporting local artists, or advocating for social justice — we want to have our hands in it all. We strive to help both human beings and animals as much as we possibly can.

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How You Can Help Us

You can help us by donating your money, your time, or both.

A human being will always be in need, an animal will always need rescuing, and an artist will always need support to do their work. The more donations we get, the more effective we can be in getting those needs met.

At Alpha Love World, we don’t just want to do our part to help those who are struggling in our communities. We want to help without judgment, without turning a blind eye, and without asking questions. If you want to do the same, please donate whatever you can to help us with our mission.

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